Frolic with Insight!



Is it hard to find a friend or someone who loves you sincerely? Why people don’t love me, why are they evil me?

I would answer question number one. Looking for people or friends who love you can be tough or easy. But, believe me, look forward to others, much more difficult than hoped to yourself. What will happen is you will blame others, blame the state and blame yourself, when expectations don’t match what you want? What happens is disappointed. Disappointed moment is common. But if you pile up disappointed and can not move on from that. Oh no. It will avoid you from feeling happy. And for me, the most vital problem is when you feel unhappy.

So, what should we do? I will discuss later.

The second question. About expect to be loved. Others will be evil or good for you, really is not your business. The important thing is how to deal with it. You tried had to be nice to him/ her. You had intended to make everything into harmony. However it turns out, other people respond differently. What will happen? Disappointed. Please return to the previous paragraph, why upset the protracted it could be a big problem.

Isn’t  it easier to organize expects yourself compared to others? For example, you have given love, and that person doesn’t reciprocate. Is this a problem? Actually, in my opinion this is not a problem. You can leave it. Quite simply, it means you don’t have the same wavelength. So should not worsen the situation, isn’t it? And don’t exaggerations.

This applies not only relationship lover, but also with friends, family and others.

So, what should we do? Stay away. No need to be nasty, or excessive, but it is better to keep a distance. And don’t forget, give love to others doesn’t mean you forget to love yourself. If you see symptoms of disrespect, oh, please, don’t hurt yourself. Better stay away for a moment, Dear.

You are not the one who behaved badly, and they are a good person—vice versa—its happen only because of different view.

What we find in this world? Peace and happy?

Give time to yourself and that person, so, everything becomes harmonious back. Doesn’t mean you ignore the problem, and run away from the problem, you face it, finish it, remove your negative energy, and please leave a good time for you and her/ him.